Sharon Jones : I Learned the Hard Way.( English)

Sharon Jones: I Learned the Hard Way.
Album: I Learned the Hard Way. 2010. Information.

The lovers of soul music have certainly a problem: the difficulty in finding new good singers, at least compared to the legendary recordings from the past. And when we do find them, as in the case of marvellous Sharon Jones, there is always an unavoidable feeling of déjà écouté. But it does not matter in such cases. Sharon Jones and her great band (The Dap-Kings) are a revival of the glorious soul of the 60's.  Her splendid CD with the same name of the song here presented was a success in 2010, when she was more than 50 years old. She was a prison officer before that and was born in Ausgusta, like James Brown. Her songs have the usual theme: love that makes you learn its hard way. Special attention must be paid in the following video, made by her record company. Music starts in the minute 1:17.

Another version is available: this one unplugged, where, even though there are no metals, we can still appreciate her voice.

Listen on Spotify.

Translation: Inés Galiano.

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